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Changing your email or mailing address

You can update your email or mailing address by choosing "Profile" above, then selecting either "Update Email Address" or "Change Address" link.

Getting statements, tax forms or other documents electronically

You can sign up to get notified when certain documents are available to view online, such as plan statements and tax documents. Choose "Profile" above, select "Subscriptions & Email Preferences" and then select the types of documents you want to get electronically. Note: not all documents are available electronically.

In addition, you can now view certain tax documents online anytime. Choose “Profile” above, select “Tax Documents” and then click the tax document you want to view. Note: electronic tax documents specific to mutual funds are not included here yet. However, you can access them electronically by going directly to mutual fund account details within the mutual fund secured site.

Help with tax questions

If you have questions about a 1099 or other type of tax document you received related to a product you have with The Principal, review our Help with Tax Questions. Or, call us:

  • For retirement plans: 800-547-7754
  • For life insurance: 800-247-9988

Changing your login information

You can change your password online, but not your username. To change your password, select "My Profile" above and click on the "Change Password" link. Then follow the instructions to change your password.

You can also change your customer service question and answer. Go to "My Profile" above and click on the "Change Customer Service Question and Answer" link. Then follow the instructions to set your customer service questions and answers.

Updating a beneficiary

Retirement plan participants may be able to update their beneficiaries online. Select the retirement plan you want to update from the "Accounts" tab above, then once you are in the site for that account, find the "Beneficiaries" link. If you can't change your beneficiaries online, you may call us at 800-547-7754.

All other customers may call us at 800-986-3343.

Getting product specific help

Once you click into the details of any products you have with the Principal Financial Group®, you will be able to find additional help.

Contacting Principal

You can email us by going to the contact us form and selecting your topic.

You can also call us at 800-986-3343 or write us at:
Principal Financial Group
711 High Street
Des Moines, IA 50392