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Investment Unit Values and Performance

Investment results shown represent historical performance and do not guarantee future results. Investment returns and principal values fluctuate with changes in interest rates and other market conditions so the value, when redeemed may be worth more or less than original costs. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data shown.

The gross total investment expense figure does not reflect any waivers or caps on the mutual fund or underlying mutual fund in which a Separate Account invests. Returns displayed are always based on net total investment expense. For more information on net total investment expense figures, please access the Investment Option Profile available by selecting the investment option name links provided above.

Fixed Income Option
Investment Option Annual Effective Rate
Fixed Income Option non 401(a) 2.65%

05/27/2015 Values Average Annual Total Returns through 04/30/2015
Investment Advisor
Investment Option
Investment Status Share Price / Unit Value $ YTD
chg. *
Last 3 mos 1 yr. 3 yr. 5 yr. 10 yr. Since
Total Inv. Exp. Gross
Asset Allocation
Retirement Income
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: Heritage    
- spacer10.5119159 1.83 0.85 1.81 1.75 N/A N/A N/A 3.23 09/30/2013  0.62%
Target Date 2000-2010
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1940-1944    
- spacer10.6688847 2.45 1.24 2.61 2.23 N/A N/A N/A 4.18 09/30/2013  0.63%
Target Date 2011-2015
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1945-1949    
- spacer10.7692469 2.81 1.46 3.08 2.53 N/A N/A N/A 4.78 09/30/2013  0.63%
Target Date 2016-2020
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1950-1954    
- spacer10.9071749 3.47 1.85 3.92 2.99 N/A N/A N/A 5.59 09/30/2013  0.64%
Target Date 2021-2025
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1955-1959    
- spacer11.0612440 4.08 2.19 4.71 3.43 N/A N/A N/A 6.49 09/30/2013  0.64%
Target Date 2026-2030
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1960-1964    
- spacer11.1675314 4.59 2.45 5.35 3.75 N/A N/A N/A 7.10 09/30/2013  0.63%
Target Date 2031-2035
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1965-1969    
- spacer11.2741181 5.09 2.70 5.99 4.08 N/A N/A N/A 7.70 09/30/2013  0.63%
Target Date 2036-2040
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1970-1974    
- spacer11.4247994 5.81 3.05 6.90 4.53 N/A N/A N/A 8.55 09/30/2013  0.62%
Target Date 2041-2045
Ronald Blue & Co., LLC
LifeFund Age-Based Portfolio: 1975+    [9], [10], [13],
- spacer10.5490322 N/A 3.10 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5.12 03/05/2015  0.59%
Servant Solutions places a high value on diversification and solid long-term investing principles. We believe that most participants are best served by selecting one of the blended plans listed above whereby you can choose an investment option that is carefully based on your age, investment time horizon and risk tolerance. For help please review the Looking to the Future  (PDF) link or speak to a Servant Solutions representative at (800) 844-8983.
Large U.S. Equity
Large Value
Allianz Global Inv Fund Mgmt
AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Value Inst Fund    
- spacer17.2100000 0.62 1.96 5.15 5.81 14.70 13.10 7.36 8.72 05/08/2000  0.70%
Large Blend
Steward Funds, Inc.
Steward Large Cap Enhanced Index Individual Fund    
- spacer39.5500000 3.29 0.49 5.04 11.35 17.36 14.41 8.95 8.68 10/01/2004  0.90%
Vanguard Group
Vanguard Institutional Index Inst Fund    [2],
- spacer194.5200000 3.98 0.95 5.06 12.95 16.70 14.30 8.32 9.70 07/31/1990  0.04%
AQR Capital Management, LLC
AQR Large Cap Defensive Style I Fund    
- spacer15.1400000 4.63 -0.74 3.28 15.33 N/A N/A N/A 17.67 07/09/2012  0.42%
Small/Mid U.S. Equity
Small Growth
Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund    [1],
- spacer51.9600000 5.91 -3.60 5.41 12.32 12.94 14.30 9.21 12.26 12/08/1986  1.21%
Real Estate
Baron Capital
Baron Real Estate Institutional Fund    
- spacer27.1500000 3.86 -2.41 3.33 15.79 22.25 19.45 N/A 21.17 12/31/2009  1.06%
International Equity
Foreign Large Value
Lord Abbett & Co, LLC
Lord Abbett International Dividend Income I Fund    [4],
- spacer8.2300000 4.43 5.96 7.43 -0.87 8.28 5.86 N/A 2.94 06/30/2008  0.89%
Foreign Large Blend
MFS Investment Management
MFS International Value R4 Fund    [4], [17],
- spacer36.6000000 9.38  b 2.29 6.29 8.78 14.75 11.92 9.02 10.50 10/01/2008  0.84%
Vanguard Group
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Institutional Fd    [1], [17],
- spacer113.6600000 9.65 5.08 9.15 2.63 9.08 6.32 6.00 6.26 11/29/2010  0.12%
Foreign Small/Mid Value
Franklin Templeton Investments
Templeton Instl Foreign Smaller Companies Series Advisor    [7],
- spacer23.2600000 11.83 6.08 11.92 5.82 11.58 10.22 10.02 13.18 10/21/2002  0.98%
Fixed Income
Multisector Bond
Loomis Sayles & Company
Loomis Sayles Bond Institutional Fund    [11], [13],
- spacer14.6400000 -0.06 1.58 1.58 1.20 6.15 7.16 7.55 9.77 05/16/1991  0.63%
Intermediate-Term Bond
PIMCO Total Return Instl Fund    [11], [13],

This investment option does not accept new contributions or investment transfers.

spacer10.7000000 1.19 -0.58 -0.99 4.26 3.33 4.64 6.03 7.79 05/11/1987  0.46%
American Century Inv. Mgmt.
American Century Diversified Bond Instl Fund    [11], [13],
- spacer10.8900000 0.84 -0.26 -0.69 4.57 2.77 4.28 5.10 5.64 04/01/1993  0.40%
Inflation-Protected Bond
JP Morgan Investment Mgmt Inc.
JP Morgan Inflation Managed Bond R5 Fund    [11],
- spacer10.3300000 0.95 0.62 0.24 -0.05 0.37 2.61 N/A 2.72 03/31/2010  0.66%
Nontraditional Bond
JP Morgan Investment Mgmt Inc.
JP Morgan Strategic Income Opportunities R5 Fund    [11],
- spacer11.7600000 1.45 0.53 1.30 0.86 3.25 3.25 N/A 6.32 10/10/2008  0.77%
Commodities Broad Basket
PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS Strategy Inst Fund    
- spacer7.5700000 -1.43 10.11 8.90 -26.57 -8.54 N/A N/A 0.32 05/28/2010  0.87%

Sub-Advised Options include Principal Funds, Inc. mutual funds. Principal Funds, Inc is distributed by Principal Funds Distributor, Inc. Securities sold or services offered by a Princor® Registered Representative are offered through Princor Financial Services Corp, 800-547-7754, member SIPC and/or independent brokers/dealers. Principal Funds Distributor, Princor, and Principal Life are members of the Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA 50392.

Insurance products and plan administrative, if applicable, services are provided by Principal Life Insurance Company. Principal Funds, Inc. is distributed by Principal Funds Distributor, Inc. Securities are offered through Princor Financial Services Corporation, 800-547-7754, Member SIPC and/or independent broker/dealers. Securities sold by a Princor Registered Representative are offered through Princor®. Principal Funds Distributor, Princor and Principal Life are members of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392. Certain investment options may not be available in all states or U.S. commonwealths.

*Unannualized rate of return (change in value) since the start of the year. All returns shown here are after Total Investment Expense of the investment option.

†For mutual fund investments the term share price refers to the net asset value (NAV).

a. The YTD value is as of 04/30/2015.

Principal Life Insurance Company, for its separate accounts which utilize commodity interests, and Principal Funds, Inc., for its funds which utilize commodity interests, have each claimed an exclusion from the definition of the term "commodity pool operator" under the Commodity Exchange Act and therefore neither Principal Life Insurance Company or Principal Funds, Inc. is subject to registration or regulation as a commodity pool operator under the Commodity Exchange Act.

This investment option does not accept new contributions or investment transfers. - This investment option does not accept new contributions or investment transfers.

Investors should carefully consider a mutual fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses prior to investing. A prospectus, or summary prospectus if available, containing this and other information can be obtained by contacting a financial professional, visiting, or calling 1-800-547-7754. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Small-cap and mid-cap investment options are subject to more fluctuation in value and may have additional risks than other investment options with stocks of larger, more stable companies.
Each index based investment option is invested in the stocks or bonds of the index it tracks. Performance of indexes reflects the unmanaged results for the market segment the selected stocks or bonds represent. There is no assurance an index based investment option will match the performance of the index tracked.
International and global investment options are subject to additional risk due to fluctuating exchange rates, foreign accounting and financial policies, and other economic and political environments.
This investment option is closed to new investors.
Equity investment options involve greater risk, including heightened volatility, than fixed-income investment options. Fixed-income investment options are subject to interest rate risk, and their value will decline as interest rates rise.
Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. Investing in real estate, small-cap, international, and high-yield investment options involves additional risks.
Fixed-income investment options are subject to interest rate risk, and their value will decline as interest rates rise. Neither the principal of bond investment options nor their yields are guaranteed by the U.S. government.
Fixed-income and asset allocation investment options that invest in mortgage securities are subject to increased risk due to real estate exposure.
For Mutual Fund Network investment options, returns for all time periods, except the Since Inception time frame, may include the historical performance of the oldest share class of the fund, adjusted to reflect a portion of the fees and expenses of this share class. Since Inception returns display the actual return of this share class and do not reflect the adjusted returns of the oldest share class. Please see the fund's prospectus for more information on specific expenses, and the fund's most recent shareholder report for actual date of first sale. Expenses are deducted from income earned by the fund. As a result, dividends and investment results will differ for each share class.

All data on this website is provided by Ron Blue & Co., LLC.