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Consent to do Business Electronically

This system/application is the property of one or more of the member companies and/or affiliates of the Principal Financial Group, Inc. You may use this system/application to gain access to authorized information only. By providing the information requested periodically in a Consent to do Business Electronically form (presented at the time of login), you are:

  1. Consenting to do business electronically with the member companies and affiliates of the Principal Financial Group, Inc.
  2. Certifying that you are the person identified by that information. If you are not that person and/or you are attempting to access someone else's information, you are in violation of federal and/or state law and should exit this application now. Suspected violations may be reported to state and/or federal authorities
  3. Consenting to, and acknowledging that, activity on this system/application may be viewed, monitored and recorded by the Principal Financial Group in order to help prevent and detect potential fraud or other abuse, including unauthorized access to information.

When presented with the Consent to do Business Electronically, if you do not agree with any of these items, you should use the option 'I DO NOT Consent'. By not agreeing to Consent, you will not be able to conduct business electronically with the Principal Financial Group which includes not being able apply for employment opportunities.